Installing Python on Windows

Installing Python

First off we need to go to the Python page; click on the logo below.


This will bring you to the download page. You will see that there two versions of Python available for download; Python 2 and Python 3. We will be downloading Python 3.

python 1

Select Download Python (At the time of writing 3.6.4 is the latest version, but yours may be different)

Python.exe will start downloading to your computer. (Select open when done, or else find it in your download location and double click)


python 2

Select Run from the popup window.


instal 3

Check the tick boxes for Install launcher for all users (recommended) and the Add Python 3.6 to PATH

Click on Install now button (if Python detects an earlier version of Python detected in your computer the dialogue box will instead say Upgrade Now)


python 5

You can watch the progress as Python sets up on your computer.


python 6

Click Close after Python has installed